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Corporate Accounts & Billing


For our corporate clients who frequently employ our limousine services, Worldwide Express offers corporate accounts, which are designed to expedite the limousine or transportation booking process.  We have developed this system and made it available online and over telephone lines in order to meet the individual needs of you, our most valued corporate clients.


Designed to maximize time saved and reservation accuracy, our corporate accounts system allows your travel staff to request ground transportation for your associates quickly and easily.  In order to simplify payment for services rendered by Worldwide Express, a monthly billing system will be put in place as soon as your application has been processed.


Below is the link for the corporate account application form, and submitting the form is made easy through either a print, fill out, and fax protocol, or by simply submitting the form online.  Our company is ready to process your application immediately.  As soon as the application has been submitted, our staff will fax a copy of the completed form back to you for verification and confirmation purposes. 


Corporate Account Application Form

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